Gothic Tales & Twitter Stories

By Inés Gregory Labarta

September is around the corner but the Summer is not over yet there is still fun to be had! The next Northwest Literary Salon is going to take place in Lancaster on the 4th of September, thanks to First Friday initiative, Lit Fest and funds from Lancaster University. Come at 7pm to Waterstones where our lovely hostesses Naomi and Yvonne will introduce to you two intrepid writers, Kate Horsley and Paul McVeigh.


Kate Horsley was born in England but crossed the oceans to move to Boston, where she studied at Harvard University and lived for almost a decade before her childhood dreams of being a writer began to haunt her and she ‘abandoned truth for fiction.She did her MA in Creative Writing at Lancaster University where she wrote her first novel The Monster’s Wifewhich was shortlisted for the Scottish First Book of the Year. If Frankenstein is one of your favourite books and you like dark stories set in the Highlands, you probably want to come and meet Kate

image by Roelof Bakker
image by Roelof Bakker

Paul McVeighs first novel, The Good Son, is set in his home city Belfast during the Troubles and has been recently shortlisted for The Guardian ‘Not the Booker prize’. He has written plays, comedy shows and he is a master in the art of short stories. Feeling curious? You can find them in his famous blog and even listen to one Tickleshere. Paul is involved in several literary projects such as the London Short Story Festival and Word Factory. Above all he confesses to feel a passion for writing Realismto make the page come alive, to be as believable as possible.  

Kate and Paul are enthusiastic authors who will bring fascinating stories and useful advice for writers. You can ask Kate about creating tortured characters or a believable historical atmosphere, and Paul can give you tips for writing short stories on twitter or creating a successful blog. Come this 4th of September to the Northwest Literary Salon to meet other fellow artists and avid readers from across all age groups and all over the world while enjoying the live music and locally catered food.

Feed your creative needs and keep celebrating Summer!

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